Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

   Faculty "Economy and management"


The Economics and management faculty 


The period after establishment of Technical school in Baku by city Duma in 1887, “Baku low level technical school”, (in1918the school was renamed to polytechnic) required training of engineers not only for oil but also for other spheres as long as the industry was developing quite fast in Azerbaijan too. 

Therefore the establishment of the industrial institute with large profile was on agenda of our republic. As you know the decree about setting up “Polytechnical institute in Baku” was announced by Azerbaijan Revolution Committee in November 16, 1920.The decree said that, the Baku Polytechnical institute after M.Azizbeyov to be established based on Baku. Polytechnicum which included “Oil fields”, “Electromechanics”, “Engineering - construction”, “Agriculture” and “Economics” faculties. So 1920 is the establishment year of both “Economics” faculty and Baku Polytechnical institute. 

The faculty that was called as “Economics”, “Economics of Industry”, “Engineer – economy, construction” “Engineer – economy international economical relations and management”, “Economics, international economical relations and management”, “Economics and management” in different times was established in 1920. The scientists and pedagogues like V.V.Bogachov, PK. Juzeni, N.Dubrovskiy, R.M. Shatirov, A.I.Beskov, M.K. Hajinskiy, K.M.Ceferov and others were the initiators of establishment and development of the faculty. 

The aim of the establishment of this faculty was to train engineer- economists for the oil and indistrial enterprises in Azerbaijan. Professor N.A.Dubrovskiy who was the rector of the Universty in 1920-1921, later he was appointed as a dean of the faculty of  “Economics” (1921-1940). Since 1923 the Institute was called “ Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute” after M.Azizbeyov, but in May 29,1930 if was renamed to “ Azerbaijan Oil Institute” (AOI). This changes in names caused changes in names of facilties, too. So “Economics” faculty was renamed to “Industrial economy”. In 1934 after transforming oil institute into “ Azerbaijan Industrial Institute” (Az.I.I.) for the purpose of training engineers for spheres like engineering, energetics and so on, the name of the faculty was changed and it became “Engineer – economy,construction faculty”in 1940-1952. According to the resolution of the Union government in March 14,1959 the name of Industrial Institute was changed and became “ Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute” after M.Azizbeyov. (Az OCI). In these years according to the resolution of the government “Industrial economy” specialty of the National economical Institute was given to (Az OCI). 

Because of above mentioned changes gradually the directions of faculties and specialities in AOCI gained more stable position. Training of specialists started to take place in “Engineer-economy” faculty.  

Deans of the faculty 

The first dean of the faculty was professor N.A.Dubrovski (1921-1940). Next years associate professor B.Q.Revarov (1940-1952), associate professor Grishin Pavel Alekseevich (1954-1962), associate professor Rabinovich. Josif Aronovich (1962-1964), associate professor Salimova Shovket Shahbaz kizi (1964-1968), associate professor Ferhadzadeh Mehdi Mammad oglu (1968-1974), associate professor, “Honored professor” Abbasov Hamid Murtuzali oglu (1974-1984 and again 2001-2006), associate professor Samedov Ramiz Seyfulla oglu (1986-1997), associate professor Mollayev Rufat Hasan oglu (1997-2000), associate professor Aliyev Asker Imamali oglu (2006-2011), Aliyev Azad Gabil oglu (2011-2015) were appointed.  

Since 2015 associate professor Rustamov Ilham Shamil oglu was appointed the dean of the faculty.  


History since 1991 

In 1991 the Institute was renamed to “Industrial University with the medal of Red labour Flag” after M.Azizbeyov (AZIU). 

In 1991 “Republic business school” was established, which was organized by IBM corporation of USA, by the Ministry of High and Secondary education of the Post Union and later became a faculty.  

For the first time in the Republic in this faculty training of specialists in “Business management in the sphere of fuel-energy complex” specialty started.  

According to resolution of the Republic Cabinet of Ministers March 21, 1992, AZIU was renamed to “Azerbaijan State Oil Academy” (ASOA). 

In 1997-2009 preparation of bachelors for specialities like “General economy and administrative management”, “Economy and management of manufacturing and service spheres”, “Management”, “Marketing”, “Business organization and administration”, “International economical relations”, “Economy of use of nature” and “Customs expertise”. 

In 2015 Azerbaijan State Oil Academy was renamed to Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. Therefore the faculty of “Economics, International Economical relations and management” was renamed to “Economics and management”.   

Currently, in this faculty totally 848 students are studying for 4 specialities. 728 of them are setting full-time education, while 120 of them are setting part-time education, eve have 11 foreign students.  

Speciality Departments like “Management”, “Industrial economics"  and “Foreign languages” department are operating in our faculty. 23 staff members are operating at the department of “Industrial economics”. One of them is a professor, so associate professors, 5 assistents, 1 senior lectures, 1 instructor, 8 laboratory assistants.  

There are 36 staff members in the department of “Management”. 2 of them are professors, 11 associate professors, 6 assistants, 5 senior lectures, 8 laboratory assistants (5 senior laboratory assistants, 3 laboratory assistants).  

There are 32 staff members in the department of “Foreign languages” 9 of them associate professors, 17-senior lectures, 27-instructors, 6 laboratory assistants.

There are 4 tutors operating in the department.  

  1. Jalilova Sima Jalil kizi 

  1. Muradova Sona Rauf kizi 

       3. Mammadova Ruhiyya Mezahir kizi 

     4. Rahimova Leyla Ramiz kizi

Currently the faculty is training bachelors and masters for speciality of “Economics”, “Business organization and administration”, “Management”, “Business management”. 

Since establishment day more than 15000 specialists have been trained in the faculty.  

Throughout many years specialist trained in marketing, business organization and administration. In the industrial sphere of “Engineer economy and administration, have taken an active part in the spheres of economy and administration of engineering, oil extraction, energetics, chemistry and oil chemistry, oil refinery in Azerbaijan.