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Foreign languages


                 about the activity of department of “Foreign languages 1”  

          The department of  “Foreign Languages” began to function from the first days of the Oil and Industry Institute was created and it played an important role in teaching foreign languages.  

As the country attracting the world with its oil, Azerbaijan had the shortage of its own specialists. During that period the specialists from Russia and other places were invited to our higher schools. They had to solve the problem of specialists training for our institutes. The graduate of  Kiev and Warsaw Universities Peter Christianovich Tumbil taught the foreign language course at “Foreign languages” department during 1932-35 and was the author of "Latin-Russian-English-Azerbaijani Dictionary". 

The foreign languge teachers working in the department took  into account the specification of  local features and accomplished extensive work in the fields of the choice of the curriculum, enhancing the idea of foreign language subject, organization of  lessons and extracurricular activities, paid special attention to the issues of  language teaching. The department started its work with “direct method” firstly, but since this method couldn’t prove itself  in the audience of that time the teachers soon refused to apply it. 

During those years, the foreign languages program of Azii was being prepared, the emphasis was placed on the content of texts in the selection of language materials for teaching purposes.  

One of the most important tasks of that time was training and recruitment of specialists for our universities.  

After having graduated from Central Foreign Languages Institute in Moscow between 1934-37, R.A.Gaibova worked at “Foreign Languages” department from 1938 and then she became the head of this department.  

Then Adriana Georgievna Mdivani, Shafiga Abdullayeva, Saida Gasimova, Lala Allahverdiyeva were the heads of the department.                    

According to the ASOIU rector’s order  04-812 numbered from 04.12.2015 the department of “ Foreign Languages 1“ was established on the base of department “ Foreign Languages”. The head of department is, associated professor Farida Aliniyaz Huseynova. 

In the department the subject of foreign language is delivered for Bachelor and Master degrees on the following specialties: 

  1. Foreign language -1 – GEF,OGPF, ITMF, EMF         (all specialties) 

  1. Foreign language -2 – GEF,OGPF, ITMF, EMF         (all specialties) 

  1. Foreign language -3 – 050658 (Logistics and Transport Technology Engineering),         XTB 050106-( Information security) 

  1. Academic Writing – 050606- ( Oil- gas engineering) 

In 2018/2019 academic years the workload was 23386,1 hours ; the number of teachers working full time was 30. 

                 The current year is 2324,1 hours. The number of teachers is 32. The number of teachers who has full time jobs - 30,5; 5 teachers are associated professors; 9 teachers -  head teachers; one teacher-  PhD ; 18 – teachers; 2- chief laboratory assistants; 2- laboratory assistants. 

In Bachelor and Master degrees 4 subject are delivered: (3subjects- bachelor, 1subject-master) Foreign Language-1, Foreign Language-2, Foreign Language-3, Academic writing.  

Members of the department stuff have published their research works in the series of Web of Science and Copernicus journals (only in 2018-49 in Copernicus, 38-in local journals). Several dictionaries were published for subjects that are taught in department.